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Creaciones Charo

Creaciones Charo is a brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing first communion, baptism and ceremony looks for babies and toddler. The company started in the 1960s as a small, family business venture and has grown and positioned itself as one of the leading producers of ceremony styles in Spain. 

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Outfit Julian Sale priceFrom $115.00 USD
Christening Gown Carolina- 2pcChristening Gown Carolina- 2pc
Christening Gown Carolina- 2pc Sale price$188.00 USD
Christening Gown Lorena- 2pcChristening Gown Lorena- 2pc
Christening Gown Lorena- 2pc Sale price$350.00 USD
Christening Gown Emelina- 2pcChristening Gown Emelina- 2pc
Christening Gown Emelina- 2pc Sale price$355.00 USD
Dress EmiliaDress Emilia
Dress Emilia Sale price$105.00 USD
Dress Florence WhiteDress Florence White
Dress Florence White Sale priceFrom $130.00 USD
Bloomer Set DanielBloomer Set Daniel
Bloomer Set Daniel Sale price$70.00 USD
Bloomer Set DavidBloomer Set David
Bloomer Set David Sale price$65.00 USD
Outfit ConstantinOutfit Constantin
Outfit Constantin Sale price$115.50 USD
Outfit ClaudeOutfit Claude
Outfit Claude Sale price$115.50 USD
Outfit ClarkOutfit Clark
Outfit Clark Sale price$110.00 USD
Outfit CamiloOutfit Camilo
Outfit Camilo Sale price$105.00 USD
Romper ArcherRomper Archer
Romper Archer Sale priceFrom $135.00 USD
Romper AndreRomper Andre
Romper Andre Sale price$120.00 USD
Romper AlvaroRomper Alvaro
Romper Alvaro Sale priceFrom $115.00 USD
Romper AlfredoRomper Alfredo
Romper Alfredo Sale priceFrom $130.00 USD
Romper AlfieRomper Alfie
Romper Alfie Sale priceFrom $130.00 USD
Romper AlejandroRomper Alejandro
Romper Alejandro Sale priceFrom $96.00 USD
Romper AdrianRomper Adrian
Romper Adrian Sale priceFrom $112.00 USD
Dress FlorenceDress Florence
Dress Florence Sale price$130.00 USD
Dress PenelopeDress Penelope
Dress Penelope Sale priceFrom $125.00 USD
Dress BellaDress Bella
Dress Bella Sale price$145.00 USD
Dress AthenaDress Athena
Dress Athena Sale price$145.00 USD
Christening Gown AvaChristening Gown Ava
Christening Gown Ava Sale price$125.00 USD
Christening Gown AmeliaChristening Gown Amelia
Christening Gown Amelia Sale price$135.00 USD
Sold outChristening Gown AdelineChristening Gown Adeline
Christening Gown Adeline Sale price$145.00 USD
Christening Gown AriannaChristening Gown Arianna
Christening Gown Arianna Sale price$150.00 USD
Christening Gown AlexiaChristening Gown Alexia
Christening Gown Alexia Sale price$200.00 USD
Christening Gown AlmudenaChristening Gown Almudena
Christening Gown Almudena Sale price$165.00 USD
Christening Gown CharlotteChristening Gown Charlotte
Christening Gown Charlotte Sale price$330.00 USD
Christening Gown LuciaChristening Gown Lucia
Christening Gown Lucia Sale price$225.00 USD
Christening Gown IlvaChristening Gown Ilva
Christening Gown Ilva Sale price$210.00 USD
Christening Gown BertaChristening Gown Berta
Christening Gown Berta Sale price$236.00 USD
Christening Gown AliciaChristening Gown Alicia
Christening Gown Alicia Sale price$305.00 USD
Christening Gown EugeniaChristening Gown Eugenia
Christening Gown Eugenia Sale price$260.00 USD
Christening Gown BeatrizChristening Gown Beatriz
Christening Gown Beatriz Sale price$300.00 USD
Christening Gown MariaChristening Gown Maria
Christening Gown Maria Sale price$280.00 USD