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The perfect outfits for baptism, church presentations and more.

Size chart and guide is included per model.

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Bloomer Set DanielBloomer Set Daniel
Bloomer Set Daniel Sale price$70.00 USD
Save 31%Bloomer Set FrenchBloomer Set French
Bloomer Set French Sale price$50.00 USD Regular price$72.00 USD
Bloomer Set Sasha- 3pcBloomer Set Sasha- 3pc
Bloomer Set Sasha- 3pc Sale priceFrom $148.00 USD
On saleBoy Set FrenchBoy Set French
Boy Set French Sale priceFrom $60.00 USD Regular price$85.00 USD
Boy Set JoieBoy Set Joie
Boy Set Joie Sale price$80.00 USD
Boy Set JuanBoy Set Juan
Boy Set Juan Sale price$82.00 USD
Boy Set PhillipBoy Set Phillip
Boy Set Phillip Sale price$78.00 USD
Christening Gown AlexiaChristening Gown Alexia
Christening Gown Alexia Sale price$200.00 USD
Christening Gown Almudena- 2pcChristening Gown Almudena- 2pc
Christening Gown Almudena- 2pc Sale price$165.00 USD
Christening Gown AuroraChristening Gown Aurora
Christening Gown Aurora Sale price$300.00 USD
Christening Gown Ava- 2pcChristening Gown Ava- 2pc
Christening Gown Ava- 2pc Sale price$125.00 USD
Christening Gown Avaline- 2pcChristening Gown Avaline- 2pc
Christening Gown Avaline- 2pc Sale price$135.00 USD
Christening Gown Batista Valencien DobleChristening Gown Batista Valencien Doble
Christening Gown Beatriz- 2pcChristening Gown Beatriz- 2pc
Christening Gown Beatriz- 2pc Sale price$300.00 USD
Christening Gown Carol- 2pcChristening Gown Carol- 2pc
Christening Gown Carol- 2pc Sale price$188.00 USD
Christening Gown Carolina- 2pcChristening Gown Carolina- 2pc
Christening Gown Carolina- 2pc Sale price$188.00 USD
Christening Gown CatalinaChristening Gown Catalina
Christening Gown Catalina Sale price$325.00 USD
Christening Gown Catalina- Long SleeveChristening Gown Catalina- Long Sleeve
Christening Gown Charlotte- 2pcChristening Gown Charlotte- 2pc
Christening Gown Charlotte- 2pc Sale price$330.00 USD
Save 30%Christening Gown Christine- 3pcChristening Gown Christine- 3pc
Christening Gown Christine- 3pc Sale price$115.00 USD Regular price$165.00 USD
Christening Gown Clara- 2pcChristening Gown Clara- 2pc
Christening Gown Clara- 2pc Sale price$140.00 USD
Christening Gown DianaChristening Gown Diana
Christening Gown Diana Sale price$200.00 USD
Christening Gown Emelina- 2pcChristening Gown Emelina- 2pc
Christening Gown Emelina- 2pc Sale price$355.00 USD
Christening Gown EntredosesChristening Gown Entredoses
Christening Gown Entredoses Sale price$260.00 USD
Christening Gown Eugenia- 2pcChristening Gown Eugenia- 2pc
Christening Gown Eugenia- 2pc Sale price$260.00 USD
Christening Gown FidelinaChristening Gown Fidelina
Christening Gown Fidelina Sale price$487.00 USD
Christening Gown Guipur AntiguoChristening Gown Guipur Antiguo
Christening Gown Guipur Antiguo Sale price$300.00 USD
Sold outChristening Gown Ilva- 2pcChristening Gown Ilva- 2pc
Christening Gown Ilva- 2pc Sale price$210.00 USD
Christening Gown Jaretas ValencienChristening Gown Jaretas Valencien
Christening Gown Lorena- 2pcChristening Gown Lorena- 2pc
Christening Gown Lorena- 2pc Sale price$350.00 USD
Save 31%Christening Gown Lorzas- 2pcChristening Gown Lorzas- 2pc
Christening Gown Lorzas- 2pc Sale price$225.00 USD Regular price$325.00 USD
Christening Gown Lucia- 2pcChristening Gown Lucia- 2pc
Christening Gown Lucia- 2pc Sale price$225.00 USD
Christening Gown Maria- 2pcChristening Gown Maria- 2pc
Christening Gown Maria- 2pc Sale price$195.00 USD
Christening Gown Ophelia- 2pcChristening Gown Ophelia- 2pc
Christening Gown Ophelia- 2pc Sale price$165.00 USD
Christening Gown Raya SedaChristening Gown Raya Seda
Christening Gown Raya Seda Sale price$170.00 USD
Save 31%Christening Gown Satine- 2pcChristening Gown Satine- 2pc
Christening Gown Satine- 2pc Sale price$200.00 USD Regular price$290.00 USD
Christening Gown VictoriaChristening Gown Victoria
Christening Gown Victoria Sale price$425.00 USD
Dress AthenaDress Athena
Dress Athena Sale price$145.00 USD
Save 32%Dress Eneldo- 2pcDress Eneldo- 2pc
Dress Eneldo- 2pc Sale price$65.00 USD Regular price$96.00 USD
Dress Jade- 2pcDress Jade- 2pc
Dress Jade- 2pc Sale priceFrom $122.00 USD
Dress Josephine- 2pcDress Josephine- 2pc
Dress Josephine- 2pc Sale priceFrom $135.00 USD
Dress JosieDress Josie
Dress Josie Sale priceFrom $165.00 USD
Dress Judy- 2pcDress Judy- 2pc
Dress Judy- 2pc Sale priceFrom $140.00 USD
Dress Juliana- 2pcDress Juliana- 2pc
Dress Juliana- 2pc Sale priceFrom $165.00 USD
Dress June- 2pcDress June- 2pc
Dress June- 2pc Sale priceFrom $180.00 USD
Save 50%Dress LinenDress Linen
Dress Linen Sale price$130.00 USD Regular price$260.00 USD
Dress TulleDress Tulle
Dress Tulle Sale price$80.00 USD
Dress Tulle RucheDress Tulle Ruche
Dress Tulle Ruche Sale price$100.00 USD
Girl Set Joie- 2pcGirl Set Joie- 2pc
Girl Set Joie- 2pc Sale price$98.00 USD
Save 26%Gown Batiste
Gown Batiste Sale price$225.00 USD Regular price$305.00 USD