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First Communion


Welcome to our first communion shop! We hope you love the selection of dresses we have prepared for you. 

Make sure to read our policies for this preorder here


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Dress AliciaDress Alicia
Dress Alicia Sale price$460.00 USD
Dress AmandaDress Amanda
Dress Amanda Sale price$500.00 USD
Dress BelindaDress Belinda
Dress Belinda Sale price$445.00 USD
Dress ConchaDress Concha
Dress Concha Sale price$445.00 USD
Dress DaviniaDress Davinia
Dress Davinia Sale price$470.00 USD
Dress DulcineaDress Dulcinea
Dress Dulcinea Sale price$510.00 USD
Dress ElsaDress Elsa
Dress Elsa Sale price$455.00 USD
Dress EmiliaDress Emilia
Dress Emilia Sale price$595.00 USD
Dress EstrellaDress Estrella
Dress Estrella Sale price$485.00 USD
Dress FabiolaDress Fabiola
Dress Fabiola Sale price$525.00 USD
Dress GretaDress Greta
Dress Greta Sale price$575.00 USD
Dress JudithDress Judith
Dress Judith Sale price$565.00 USD
Dress LilianaDress Liliana
Dress Liliana Sale price$650.00 USD
Dress MariaDress Maria
Dress Maria Sale price$686.00 USD
Dress MarisolDress Marisol
Dress Marisol Sale price$710.00 USD
Dress NazarethDress Nazareth
Dress Nazareth Sale price$485.00 USD
Dress NoeliaDress Noelia
Dress Noelia Sale price$545.00 USD
Dress NuriaDress Nuria
Dress Nuria Sale priceFrom $490.00 USD
Dress PatriciaDress Patricia
Dress Patricia Sale price$570.00 USD
Dress PaulaDress Paula
Dress Paula Sale priceFrom $445.00 USD
Dress PilarDress Pilar
Dress Pilar Sale price$520.00 USD
Dress RaquelDress Raquel
Dress Raquel Sale priceFrom $470.00 USD
Dress RitaDress Rita
Dress Rita Sale price$470.00 USD
Dress RosanaDress Rosana
Dress Rosana Sale price$470.00 USD
Dress SoniaDress Sonia
Dress Sonia Sale price$465.00 USD
Dress SonsolesDress Sonsoles
Dress Sonsoles Sale price$455.00 USD
Dress UrsulaDress Ursula
Dress Ursula Sale price$455.00 USD
Dress ValentinaDress Valentina
Dress Valentina Sale price$465.00 USD
Dress ValeriaDress Valeria
Dress Valeria Sale price$480.00 USD
Dress VirginiaDress Virginia
Dress Virginia Sale price$425.00 USD
Can Can DressCan Can Dress
Can Can Dress Sale price$50.00 USD
Head Piece 101PA
Head Piece 101PA Sale price$30.00 USD
Head Piece 102CHead Piece 102C
Head Piece 102C Sale price$44.00 USD
Head Piece 103PAHead Piece 103PA
Head Piece 103PA Sale price$30.50 USD
Head Piece 106PAHead Piece 106PA
Head Piece 106PA Sale price$34.00 USD
Head Piece 107PAHead Piece 107PA
Head Piece 107PA Sale price$34.00 USD
Head Piece 108CHead Piece 108C
Head Piece 108C Sale price$47.00 USD
Head Piece 109PA
Head Piece 109PA Sale price$32.00 USD
Head Piece 111PAHead Piece 111PA
Head Piece 111PA Sale price$28.00 USD
Headband 104DHeadband 104D
Headband 104D Sale price$50.00 USD
Headband 105DHeadband 105D
Headband 105D Sale price$40.00 USD
Headband 110CHeadband 110C
Headband 110C Sale price$51.00 USD
Headband 112DHeadband 112D
Headband 112D Sale price$38.00 USD