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About Us

About Us

El Rincon de Maria is a woman owned, family run, small business. Established in 2017, our business aims to offer you a curated selection of children's apparel and child care brands that we love... and hope you love too!


Our core values:

- Knowledge & expertise in the industry

- Compelling customer service- offering a unique customer service experience through our web and communication channels 

- Fair pricing 

- Passion for all we do!

Our Brands

With strong ties to the European Union, we aim to have a great selection of brands for all occasions. We have over 40 active brands on our site. Each one has carefully been selected by our buyers.

Every season, we make it a point to find the most beautiful looks to offer. We work with a range of brand categories- from small, artisanal (and handmade) brands, to up and coming, to prestigious ones in the sector.

Our Team

Beatriz Dangond- Head of Buying
Victoria Certain- Head of Social Media
Gonzalo Nuñez- Head of Logistics
Ashley Fennema- Logistics Manager

If you want to contact any of us, please feel free to leave a message at