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Marie Puce Paris

High-quality, high-end, ultra-chic and very couture. Founded in 2003, most of their clothes are made in France, in workshops that work with great care. In love with perfect cuts: real little girls' dresses but inspired by adult fashion and the mood of the season, Liberty blouses with Claudine collars for little girls or with more trendy shapes for young girls.

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Smock Bloomer Set FeliciteSmock Bloomer Set Felicite
Smock Bloomer Set Felicite Sale price$96.50 USD
Shirt Felicite FrillShirt Felicite Frill
Shirt Felicite Frill Sale priceFrom $70.00 USD
Short Felicite CapriShort Felicite Capri
Short Felicite Capri Sale priceFrom $50.00 USD
Shirt Felicite GaiaShirt Felicite Gaia
Shirt Felicite Gaia Sale priceFrom $70.00 USD
Pants Felicite
Pants Felicite Sale priceFrom $70.00 USD
Smock Dress BouquetSmock Dress Bouquet
Smock Dress Bouquet Sale priceFrom $60.50 USD
Smock Bloomer Set BouquetSmock Bloomer Set Bouquet
Smock Bloomer Set Bouquet Sale priceFrom $90.00 USD
Short Set BouquetShort Set Bouquet
Short Set Bouquet Sale price$110.00 USD
Shirt Anabella SmockShirt Anabella Smock
Shirt Anabella Smock Sale priceFrom $70.00 USD
Shirt AnabellaShirt Anabella
Shirt Anabella Sale priceFrom $70.00 USD
Short BrigitteShort Brigitte
Short Brigitte Sale priceFrom $46.00 USD
Smock Bloomer Set AnnabellaSmock Bloomer Set Annabella
Smock Bloomer Set Annabella Sale priceFrom $86.00 USD
Dungaree Set MaloDungaree Set Malo
Dungaree Set Malo Sale priceFrom $95.00 USD
Dungaree Set EmileDungaree Set Emile
Dungaree Set Emile Sale priceFrom $110.00 USD
Bloomer Set ChambrayBloomer Set Chambray
Bloomer Set Chambray Sale price$88.00 USD
Boy Set ChambrayBoy Set Chambray
Boy Set Chambray Sale priceFrom $115.00 USD
Dungaree Set LondonDungaree Set London
Dungaree Set London Sale price$115.00 USD
Boy Set PepperBoy Set Pepper
Boy Set Pepper Sale priceFrom $115.00 USD