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Designed and made in Spain, Foque brings a touch of tradition to childrenswear. The brand focuses on quality and attention to detail, so each season promises beautiful clothing that is comfortable too.

Sizing available: Newborn to 12T

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Save 29%Boy Set GardenBoy Set Garden
Boy Set Garden Sale price$75.00 USD Regular price$105.00 USD
Save 20%Boy Set ApacheBoy Set Apache
Boy Set Apache Sale price$76.00 USD Regular price$95.00 USD
Save 22%Boy Set ApacheBoy Set Apache
Boy Set Apache Sale price$77.00 USD Regular price$98.50 USD
Boy Set SquirrelBoy Set Squirrel
Boy Set Squirrel Sale priceFrom $95.00 USD
Save 31%Coat Puffer GoldCoat Puffer Gold
Coat Puffer Gold Sale price$100.00 USD Regular price$145.00 USD
Romper Fall BunnyRomper Fall Bunny
Romper Fall Bunny Sale price$95.00 USD
Romper SquirrelRomper Squirrel
Romper Squirrel Sale price$80.00 USD
Bloomer Set Piedra ChevalBloomer Set Piedra Cheval
Bloomer Set Piedra Cheval Sale price$90.00 USD
Dungaree Set FallDungaree Set Fall
Dungaree Set Fall Sale price$65.00 USD
Bloomer Set Fall BunnyBloomer Set Fall Bunny
Bloomer Set Fall Bunny Sale price$92.00 USD
Save 29%Boy Knitted Puffy CoatBoy Knitted Puffy Coat
Boy Knitted Puffy Coat Sale price$85.00 USD Regular price$120.00 USD
Dress Victoria KnitDress Victoria Knit
Dress Victoria Knit Sale price$80.00 USD
Dress DucadosDress Ducados
Dress Ducados Sale price$94.00 USD
On saleBoy Puffy VestBoy Puffy Vest
Boy Puffy Vest Sale priceFrom $65.00 USD Regular price$93.00 USD
Save 44%Dress RoyalDress Royal
Dress Royal Sale price$60.00 USD Regular price$107.00 USD
On saleDress RoyalDress Royal
Dress Royal Sale priceFrom $64.00 USD Regular price$90.50 USD
Boy Set Blue VelourBoy Set Blue Velour
Boy Set Blue Velour Sale priceFrom $97.00 USD
Save 27%Girl Set Green TartanGirl Set Green Tartan
Girl Set Green Tartan Sale price$80.00 USD Regular price$109.00 USD
Dress CameliaDress Camelia
Dress Camelia Sale priceFrom $85.50 USD
Boy Set CameliaBoy Set Camelia
Boy Set Camelia Sale price$85.00 USD
Boy Set PiedraBoy Set Piedra
Boy Set Piedra Sale priceFrom $105.00 USD
Boy Set RoyalBoy Set Royal
Boy Set Royal Sale priceFrom $100.00 USD
On saleDress PiedraDress Piedra
Dress Piedra Sale price$64.00 USD Regular price$90.00 USD
Dress Pink VictoriaDress Pink Victoria
Dress Pink Victoria Sale priceFrom $80.00 USD
Girl Set OwlGirl Set Owl
Girl Set Owl Sale price$90.50 USD
Girl Set DucadosGirl Set Ducados
Girl Set Ducados Sale price$90.00 USD
Girl Set SquirrelGirl Set Squirrel
Girl Set Squirrel Sale price$89.00 USD
Boy Set DucadosBoy Set Ducados
Boy Set Ducados Sale priceFrom $105.00 USD
Boy Set GreyBoy Set Grey
Boy Set Grey Sale priceFrom $96.50 USD
Dress FallDress Fall
Dress Fall Sale price$77.00 USD
Bloomer Set Fall BunnyBloomer Set Fall Bunny
Bloomer Set Fall Bunny Sale price$90.00 USD
Boy Set LynusBoy Set Lynus
Boy Set Lynus Sale priceFrom $90.50 USD
Bloomer Set LynusBloomer Set Lynus
Bloomer Set Lynus Sale price$90.50 USD
Bloomer Set LidiaBloomer Set Lidia
Bloomer Set Lidia Sale price$85.00 USD
Save 38%Sweater SkySweater Sky
Sweater Sky Sale price$28.00 USD Regular price$45.50 USD
Save 30%Short Set Azure
Short Set Azure Sale price$80.50 USD Regular price$115.00 USD
Save 30%Boy Set Beige CheckersBoy Set Beige Checkers
Boy Set Beige Checkers Sale price$68.00 USD Regular price$97.00 USD
Save 31%Knit Boy Set RegattaKnit Boy Set Regatta
Knit Boy Set Regatta Sale price$52.00 USD Regular price$75.00 USD
Save 29%Dungaree Set AppleDungaree Set Apple
Dungaree Set Apple Sale price$58.00 USD Regular price$82.00 USD
Save 32%Dungaree AppleDungaree Apple
Dungaree Apple Sale price$32.00 USD Regular price$47.00 USD
Save 40%Baby Set AnclaBaby Set Ancla
Baby Set Ancla Sale price$48.00 USD Regular price$80.00 USD
Save 46%Knit Boy Set RougeKnit Boy Set Rouge
Knit Boy Set Rouge Sale price$45.00 USD Regular price$84.00 USD
Save 29%Boy Set BiminiBoy Set Bimini
Boy Set Bimini Sale price$46.00 USD Regular price$65.00 USD
Save 30%Knit Set MalvaKnit Set Malva
Knit Set Malva Sale price$58.00 USD Regular price$82.50 USD
Save 31%Dress MalvaDress Malva
Dress Malva Sale price$45.00 USD Regular price$65.00 USD
On saleShort Set BeauShort Set Beau
Short Set Beau Sale priceFrom $55.00 USD Regular price$78.00 USD
Bloomer Set BeauBloomer Set Beau
Bloomer Set Beau Sale price$55.00 USD
Save 31%Baby Dress FrenchBaby Dress French
Baby Dress French Sale price$60.00 USD Regular price$86.50 USD
Save 31%Bloomer Set FrenchBloomer Set French
Bloomer Set French Sale price$50.00 USD Regular price$72.00 USD
Save 37%Boy Set BirdyBoy Set Birdy
Boy Set Birdy Sale price$42.00 USD Regular price$67.00 USD