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Fina Ejerique

Fina Ejerique is a family company which was born with a clear mission in 1993: launching a children's fashion collection to the market by offering comfortable clothes with a high quality standard and the passion of home-made products.

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Pant Set Green- 3pcPant Set Green- 3pc
Pant Set Green- 3pc Sale price$210.00 USD
Boy Set Ventana- 2pcBoy Set Ventana- 2pc
Boy Set Ventana- 2pc Sale price$124.00 USD
Coat AlamaresCoat Alamares
Coat Alamares Sale price$135.00 USD
Boy Set AlamaresBoy Set Alamares
Boy Set Alamares Sale price$192.00 USD
Pant Set Multicolor- 3pcPant Set Multicolor- 3pc
Pant Set Multicolor- 3pc Sale price$210.00 USD
Skirt Set Hearts - 3pcSkirt Set Hearts - 3pc
Skirt Set Hearts - 3pc Sale price$180.00 USD
Skirt Set Hearts - 2pcSkirt Set Hearts - 2pc
Skirt Set Hearts - 2pc Sale price$110.00 USD
Outfit Hearts- 3pcOutfit Hearts- 3pc
Outfit Hearts- 3pc Sale price$155.00 USD
Dress MustardDress Mustard
Dress Mustard Sale price$100.00 USD
Dress MustardDress Mustard
Dress Mustard Sale price$93.00 USD
Outfit Tweed- 3pcOutfit Tweed- 3pc
Outfit Tweed- 3pc Sale price$205.00 USD
Dress TweedDress Tweed
Dress Tweed Sale price$103.00 USD
Boy Set Coco- 2pcBoy Set Coco- 2pc
Boy Set Coco- 2pc Sale price$115.00 USD
Boy Set Horse- 3pcBoy Set Horse- 3pc
Boy Set Horse- 3pc Sale price$165.00 USD
Dress Flores BlueDress Flores Blue
Dress Flores Blue Sale price$88.00 USD
Romper Flor AzulRomper Flor Azul
Romper Flor Azul Sale price$77.00 USD
Babygrow PinkBabygrow Pink
Babygrow Pink Sale price$76.00 USD
Dress PinkDress Pink
Dress Pink Sale price$130.00 USD
Romper PinkRomper Pink
Romper Pink Sale price$90.00 USD
Save 23%Short IvoryShort Ivory
Short Ivory Sale price$33.00 USD Regular price$43.00 USD
Boy Set DogBoy Set Dog
Boy Set Dog Sale price$85.00 USD
Short Set Turquesa PlumetiShort Set Turquesa Plumeti
Short Set Turquesa Plumeti Sale price$96.00 USD
Short Set DogShort Set Dog
Short Set Dog Sale price$100.00 USD
Short Set GreenShort Set Green
Short Set Green Sale price$95.00 USD
Boy Set GreenBoy Set Green
Boy Set Green Sale price$95.00 USD
Dress GreenDress Green
Dress Green Sale price$100.00 USD
Short Set CocheShort Set Coche
Short Set Coche Sale price$90.00 USD
Dress CocheDress Coche
Dress Coche Sale price$87.00 USD
Pant Set CochePant Set Coche
Pant Set Coche Sale price$100.00 USD
Knit Dress Coche- 2pcKnit Dress Coche- 2pc
Knit Dress Coche- 2pc Sale price$85.00 USD
Knit Dress Mandarina- 2pcKnit Dress Mandarina- 2pc
Knit Dress Mandarina- 2pc Sale priceFrom $65.00 USD
Dress Mandarina- 2pcDress Mandarina- 2pc
Dress Mandarina- 2pc Sale price$95.00 USD
Boy Set MandarinaBoy Set Mandarina
Boy Set Mandarina Sale price$92.00 USD
Romper MandarinaRomper Mandarina
Romper Mandarina Sale price$57.00 USD
Dress Diamond- 2pcDress Diamond- 2pc
Dress Diamond- 2pc Sale price$95.00 USD
Smock Romper DiamondSmock Romper Diamond
Smock Romper Diamond Sale price$64.00 USD
Dungaree Set AzulDungaree Set Azul
Dungaree Set Azul Sale price$90.00 USD
Save 30%Dungaree Set TomatoDungaree Set Tomato
Dungaree Set Tomato Sale price$65.00 USD Regular price$93.00 USD
Jumpsuit TomatoJumpsuit Tomato
Jumpsuit Tomato Sale price$77.00 USD
Jumpsuit YellowJumpsuit Yellow
Jumpsuit Yellow Sale price$77.00 USD
Save 29%Shirt PlumetiShirt Plumeti
Shirt Plumeti Sale price$34.00 USD Regular price$48.00 USD
Boy Set BlueBoy Set Blue
Boy Set Blue Sale price$95.00 USD
Romper BlueRomper Blue
Romper Blue Sale price$62.00 USD
Boy Set BlueBoy Set Blue
Boy Set Blue Sale price$100.00 USD
Boy Set AzulBoy Set Azul
Boy Set Azul Sale price$100.00 USD
Save 30%Boy Set TomatoBoy Set Tomato
Boy Set Tomato Sale price$70.00 USD Regular price$100.00 USD
Boy Set TomatoBoy Set Tomato
Boy Set Tomato Sale price$83.00 USD
Dress Sailboat- 2pcDress Sailboat- 2pc
Dress Sailboat- 2pc Sale price$85.50 USD
Toddler Set SailboatToddler Set Sailboat
Toddler Set Sailboat Sale price$88.00 USD
Save 27%Shirt SailboatShirt Sailboat
Shirt Sailboat Sale price$33.00 USD Regular price$45.00 USD