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Shortie Pan

Sale price$22.50 USD


Brand: Babidu

Reference: 11297

Materials: 100% cotton 

Colors available: Orange

Description: This baby boy shortie is made up of a soft, lightweight cotton. It fastens in the back with buttons and with snap ons in the bottom. It has an orange collar and decorative buttons on the chest area.

Intended age range: Baby Boy, Toddler Boy

Size Guide: True to size

Approximate age Child's height Child's weight
Newborn 50 cm up to 3 kg
1 month 54 cm up to 4 kg
3 month 60 cm 5.7 kg
6 month 67 cm 7.7 kg
9 month 71 cm 8.7 kg
12 month 74 cm 9.7 kg
18 month 81 cm 11.5 kg
24 month 86 cm 13.2 kg
36 month 95 cm

14.9 kg

Shortie Pan
Shortie Pan Sale price$22.50 USD