Shortie Pan


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Brand: Babidu

Reference: 12297

Materials: 100% cotton 

Colors available: Yellow or Turquoise

Description: This unisex baby romper is made up of a soft, lightweight cotton. It is sleeveless, color block with white, and fastens with snap ons in the bottom. It has a Peter Pan collar in color. It has embroidered whiskers in the front (like a cat). 

Intended age range: Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Toddler Boy, Toddler Girl

Size Guide: True to size

Approximate age Child's height Child's weight
Newborn 50 cm up to 3 kg
1 month 54 cm up to 4 kg
3 month 60 cm 5.7 kg
6 month 67 cm 7.7 kg
9 month 71 cm 8.7 kg
12 month 74 cm 9.7 kg
18 month 81 cm 11.5 kg
24 month 86 cm 13.2 kg
36 month 95 cm

14.9 kg

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